Discussion on the Quiet Chromosphere

  • R. O. Redman
  • L. De Feiter
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 2)


M. J. Seaton. I would like to ask Jefferies two questions:
  1. (1)

    The chromosphere theory has been expressed in terms of mathematical problems which are difficult but which are nonetheless soluble. But just how much error comes from the assumption of parallel stratified layers?

  2. (2)

    It has been explained that information on the source function can be obtained from studies of the components of a doublet. Would it not be possible to get good consistency checks using a triplet



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  • L. De Feiter
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  2. 2.Sterrewacht ‘Sonnenborgh’UtrechtThe Netherlands

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