The Significance of the Sociology of Cooperation for the Planning of a World University

  • Henrik F. Infield
Part of the World Academy of Art and Science book series (WAAS)


Our Council has done a great deal of preparatory work on the World University in some of which I had the privilege to participate. My field being that of the Sociology of Cooperation, I have tried to point out the significant contribution this discipline could make to the planning. As I see it, the very idea of a World University implies commitment to cooperation as a primary mode of operation. The discipline which deals with this topic is the Sociology of Cooperation. This discipline is relatively new. It has succeeded in establishing research centers in different countries and it has found its place in a few institutions of higher learning of the traditional kind. But it appears that in order to find its proper place it will need a frame work such as only a World University can offer. In this sense it might be said that the Sociology of Cooperation is a discipline in search of a World University.


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