The Particles of Relation of the Isinai Language



Relegating, for once, to a rôle of secondary importance those constituents of speech which express the substance of thought, I offer the present paper as a contribution to our knowledge of those elements in the Indonesian — especially Philippine — languages that indicate relation, or connection, between words assembled into a sentence. The discussion is particularly aimed at the elucidation of certain sounds, and groups of sounds, which in the grammars of Philippine languages are playing a somewhat obscure rôle under the name of «ligazones.»


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  1. 1).
    Cf. Angel Perez, Relaciones Agustinianas, Pub. P. I. Bur. Sci., Div. Ethnol. (1904), 3, 370, Span. ed.: „With the immense majority (of the Isinai) that embraced Christianity, the Augustinian fathers founded the towns of Nueva Yizoaya, which they afterwards ceded to the Dominicans. We do not know whether or not the Christian descendants of the Isinai, who peopled the towns of Aritau, Dupax, Bambang and others, conserve their idiom like those who still remain pagan. They were also called Inmeas, Malaat, and Ituis, and to them belong the Ipituis, Ibabilones, and other tribes.”.Google Scholar

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