Protein Polymorphism in Boar Seminal Plasma

  • J. Dostäl


By means of starch gel electrophoresis with the addition of urea and mercapto-ethanol 3 regions of polymorphic proteins were found in seminal vesicle fluid of boars. These regions were designated K I, K II and K III. There is no difference between the pattern shown in seminal plasma or seminal vesicle fluid of the same boar.

In total, 271 samples of seminal vesicle fluid and seminal plasma of boars were studied. After analysing the phenotypes of 17 boars and their 73 sons, the genetic hypothesis was suggested that the proteins in region K I, with phenotypes A, B and AB are controlled by two codominant alleles of one locus. Proteins of the region K II, comprising phenotypes A, B, C, AB, BC and AC are controlled by three codominant alleles of one locus.

In the protein region designated K III there were 19 phenotypes differing in position, number and intensity of fractions. It has not been proved, however, whether the expression of these proteins is under genetic control or is a result of the physiological condition of the animal concerned.


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