Use of Blood Groups in Pig for Double Mating

  • J. Linhart


By the mating of two boars or the insemination of two boars of the Large White, Black and White-Přeštice, Landrace and Cornwall and Pietrain breeds to a sow of the same breed during one oestrus 149 litters were obtained. Only 69 were mixed litters.

The paternal origin of the litter was determined by means of blood groups. From the resultant mixed litters it was not possible to obtain from any of them two young sows and two young boars by one boar. It was therefore decided to test groups of four in which pairs of animals by each boar were represented. For the factors compared the differences between the single boars and single sows were found to be statistically insignificant.

In accordance with the literature the preference for gametes of one boar to those of the other was shown.


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  2. 2.Academy of SciencesLiběchovCzechoslovakia

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