Dextran Test in the Study of Blood Groups in Pigs

  • J. Hojný
  • J. Hradecký


In our paper we describe a survey of the serological character of antibodies, detecting blood factors on pig erythrocytes and emphasize that ample use can be made of the dextran test.

We compare titres of several antibodies of the same specificity by means of the direct and indirect agglutination test, the dextran test and the haemolytic test against each of the 44 blood factors. Reagents are divided into several groups according to the nature of individual test sera: anti A, Bb, Da, all reagents of the E system (Ea, Eb, Ed, Ee, Ef, Eg, Eh) and Fa, Ka, Kd, Ke, La, Li, and exceptionally also Ga, Gb, Kb and Lg are complete agglutinins. Another group of antibodies, giving excellent reactions in the dextran test, comprises the majority of reagents of the K system and also most, antibodies detecting blood factors of the L system and the O system. The dextran test also considerably increases the titre of many complete antibodies.

The numerous group of typical incomplete antibodies reacting in the main only in the indirect antiglobulin test: anti Ca, Ha, Ia, Ib, Ja, Ma, Mc, M(d), Na, Nb, but also Ga, Gb, Hb and Hc.

Least represented are reagents of haemolytic character examples of which we obtained only as anti (Ac, Ap), Fa, Hb, Ka, Kd and Kb.

The concluding note mentions new blood factors Fb and Md.


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  • J. Hojný
    • 1
  • J. Hradecký
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratory of Physiology and Genetics of AnimalsCzechoslovak Academy of SciencesLiběchovCzechoslovakia

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