Study on the Polymorphism of Haemoglobins, Transferrins, Albumins and Serum Amylases in Bulgarian Cattle Breeds

  • Ts. Makaveyev


Blood and serum samples of over 2500 cattle from five Bulgarian cattle breeds were studied by starch gel electrophoresis. Genetic polymorphism of haemoglobins, serum transferrins, amylases and albumins was established in all investigated breeds.

Gene frequencies of the alleles of above mentioned blood and serum systems in Bulgarian cattle breeds and in cattle breeds from some European and Asian countries having common origin was observed to be similar.

The presence of the allele TfF in a small number of animals belonging to Bulgarian indigenous Grey Iskar and Rhodope shorthorn breeds was found. The presence of this allele in our local primitive breeds and in the Zebu like and in the Turkish Anatolian black cattle supports the existing view of the Asiatic origin of the primitive breeds in Bulgaria.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Ts. Makaveyev
    • 1
  1. 1.Agricultural Research Institute “Obraztsov Chiflik”RousseBulgaria

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