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There are more than 20 MSS. of the Arj., or some parts of it, coming from Java, Bali and Lombok, which indicates, to some extent, the popularity this poem used to enjoy among the Javanese and Balinese of the past. These MSS. are distributed among the Library of the University of Leiden (14 MSS., see Pigeaud 1967; 1968), the Library of Museum Pusat, Jakarta (7 MSS, see Poerbatjaraka 1933a; Pigeaud 1968:872–906) and the Library of Gedong Kirtya, Singaraja (1 MSS., see Goris 1935; Pigeaud 1968: 931–72).


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  1. 48.
    Microfilms of the Leiden MSS. and that of a transliteration made by Professor Zoetmulder of the sole MS. belonging to the Gedong Kirtya, are held by the Menzies Library of the Australian National University. The efforts of this Library to procure microfilms of the Jakarta MSS. were not successful, and therefore for my study I have had to rely on the tentative notes I compiled during my several visits to Jakarta in 1962–64.Google Scholar

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