Civil Procedure and the Reform of Family Law. The View of Socialist Law



Although a major part of this book deals with certain essential features of family law, it may be suggested that civil procedure cannot be readily understood without the substantive law which it is intended to bring into operation. In other words substantive law and procedure cannot be dissociated from each other. It is hoped this view will emerge clearly from the account presented below. Moreover, the reference to the rules of substance as they exist in Romanian law will permit the exposition of certain particular features of Socialist law which, perhaps, have not yet been mentioned but which ought to be mentioned if one wishes to give an idea of the totality of the family law of the Socialist countries of Europe. We shall also observe through the rules which will be mentioned, how much concern there is—in the terms of the programme of the Communist Party of Romania, adopted by the Eleventh Congress of the Party, a programme which carries the imprint of the personality of Nicolae Ceausescu, Secretary-General of the Romanian Communist Party and President of the Socialist Republic of Romania—in continually developing and perfecting the judicial activity in conformity with the new realities of Romania, on the basis of the ideology of dialectical and historical materialism, and on the basis of the ideal of Socialism and Communism.


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