A Market Classification of Sawn Tropical Hardwood

  • O. P. Hansom
Part of the Forestry Sciences book series (FOSC, volume 3)


A study of sawn tropical hardwood trade in the United Kingdom clearly indicates that there are bound to be changes in the use of tropical hardwood due to the reduced availability of better-known species, and the necessary acceptance of lesser-known species. At the present time, with the world in a state of comparative recession, this may not be too obvious, though there have been several indications of future events in recent years. Broadly, however, there has been little recent substitution of well-known species by lesser-known ones, though there should be a rapid growth of interest in the latter when the general level of demand increases. This cyclic interest in lesser-known species cannot be the basis of effective development of a market for them; the up-surge of interest must be seized and held (cf. Chapter II-14.2, 3).


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