Example of an Institutional Framework in an Importing Country: The Netherlands

  • Nederlandse Houtbond
  • A. Overbeek
Part of the Forestry Sciences book series (FOSC, volume 3)


Tropical hardwood trade is relatively important in the Netherlands, as compared with other countries (cf. Chapters II-10 and II-12). Moreover, its geographical position at the crossroads of many trade routes makes for an extensive and highly diversified network of hardwood trading. Hence it is interesting to compare the organizational frame in this country with those in the exporting countries (cf. Chapters I-8 and II-14-1), and with the international network in Europe (Section V). The contrasting positions concerning research, as formulated respectively by Van Overbeek (§ 2 of this chapter) and by representatives of tropical hardwood producing countries (e.g. Chapters I-7 and II-14-2,3) are to be noted. (Book editor’s note).


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