Viewpoints from Tropical Hardwood Producing Countries

  • Ghana Timber Marketing Board
  • A. Miller
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As has been remarked by Guillard (Chapter II-1), the information which is available on the seller’s side in the tropical hardwood market is under-represented in this section. The present chapter includes three papers in this field, presented at the ECE Tropical Hardwood Symposium in Amsterdam (1979), arranged according to the names of the countries in alphabetical order. The subjects which are treated, however, are essential. An example of the organization of wood trade in a producing country is given by Ghana. Moreover, both the second Ghanese paper and that from Guyana touch upon an aspect which is absolutely essential, i.e. the commercialization of lesser-known species, which had been treated from another viewpoint in chapter I-7, written by four Philippine researchers. A comparison with the Brazilian forestry organizations (Chapter I-8) is also relevant. (Book editor’s note)


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