Cytokinin as a Regulatory Factor for Yield and Biomass Distribution in Crop Plants

  • T. Schmülling
  • T. Werner
  • M. Riefler
  • E. Krupková
  • I. Bartrina
  • Y. Manns
  • H. Dortay
Conference paper


In the future, improvement of yield quantity and quality will remain the most important goal in the breeding of crop plants. Classical breeding and hybrid breeding has produced a steady state increase in yield of approximately 2–3% per year over the last 40–50 years. However, yield estimates for the next decades take into account the increasing difficulties encountered by these classical methods and predict a plateau for yield increase in the near future (Reilly and Fuglie, 1998). There are indications that other resources like land, water, chemicals, and mechanisation, are approaching the limits of their capacities to affect significant and sustainable gains in productivity. Gains in productivity will become more dependent on other sources, in particular on an increase of biomass (Lee, 1998). The production of biomass and its distribution within the plant is often seen as the result of a complex interaction of many different factors. However, recent results indicate that these parameters can also be influenced largely by single factors. One such single factor is cytokinin, which regulates the cell cycle and the formation and distribution of primary metabolites.


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