Thickness Expansion Coefficients of Composite Laminates

  • N. J. Pagano
Part of the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 34)


Fahmy and Ragai-Ellozy [1] have recently treated the problem of the thermal expansion coefficient in the thickness direction of a symmetric composite laminate. Unfortunately, however, an error has been made in their analysis. Specifically, Equation (1) of that work should take the form
$${a_{3r}} = {a_T} - \frac{1}{{1 - {v_{12}}{v_{21}}}}\left[ {({v_{13}} + {v_{12}}{v_{23}})({a_{1C}} - {a_L}) + ({v_{23}} + {v_{13}}{v_{21}})({a_{2c}} - {a_T})} \right]$$
in the notation of [1]. In particular, v 12 is major Poisson’s ratio.


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