Active Piezoelectric Shell Continua

  • H. S. Tzou
Part of the Solid Mechanics and Its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 13)


It has been over 111 years (1880–1991) since the discovery of piezoelectric phenomena by the Curie brothers. Over the years, sophisticated piezoelectricity theories have been proposed and refined. Novel piezoelectric devices were invented and applied to a variety of engineering applications (Tzou, 1990; Mason, 1981; Sessler, 1981; Dokmeci, 1983). In the recent development of active smart structures and systems, active piezoelectric and elastic/piezoelectric structures (elastic materials integrated with piezoelectric sensors/actuators and control electronics) are very promising in both static and dynamic applications, e.g., aerospace/aircraft structures, robot manipulators, vibration controls and isolations, high-precision devices, micro-sensors/actuators, micro-mechanical systems, micro-actuation and control, etc (Tzou & Fukuda, 1991). This has driven a renewed and widely spread interest in piezoelectricity related researches.


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