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What we plan to present here is a more or less coherent study of the fortuna of Cicero’s Academica during the Renaissance. Rather than a comprehensive history of scepticism during the period this should be looked on more as a series of preparatory notes for such a study. In it we plan to trace the growing awareness of thinkers to this work of Cicero and to the Academic philosophy in general, particularly from the time of Petrarca until the end of the sixteenth century. During those years we see the Academica raised from the oblivion into which it had fallen during the Middle Ages to become the center of several intellectual and philosophical disputes. While Cicero scepticus never gained the fame of Cicero orator, during the middle years of the sixteenth century he drew more attention than perhaps has previously been realized. Not only did this fragmentary dialogue come to be cited more frequently, but it also served as the focus for several independent works at the hands of French, Italian, and German scholars. By bringing some of this material to the attention of a wider group of readers, we hope to be able to broaden the base for future studies on the development of scepticism during the Renaissance.


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