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Do We Always Need to Know Molecular Origin of Light Emitted by Living Systems?

  • B. W. Chwirot


For several decades biological systems have been analysed by dividing them into smaller subunits: in the past it was organs, tissues, cells, cellular structures like for instance organella and fmally macromolecular components and the so-called molecules. Why the so-called? Because very often the biologist’s understanding of molecules is quite distant from their physical reality. As pointed out by Albrecht — Buehler [1] the biochemist looks at proteins as sets of symbolic subunits and functional groups, the molecular biologist thinks more of genes, coding sequences etc. while the cell biologist may be concerned with cellular distributions of some molecular species or their changes in a response to differentiation or development of cells.


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  1. 1.Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Tumours, Institute of Biology and Protection of EnvironmentNicholas Copernicus UniversityToruñPoland

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