Biology and ecology of mangroves

Volume 8 of the series Tasks for vegetation science pp 57-76

Distribution of mangrove species in Australia

  • A. G. WellsAffiliated withDepartment of Environmental Physics, School of Physics, University of Sydney

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In Australia, mangroves occur in small pockets around the coastline. They are most prominent around the northern coastline and have only isolated occurrences in Victoria, South Australia and south of Carnarvon in Western Australia. No mangrove species is recorded for Tasmania.

The geographical location of the continent provides scope to look at present distribution of the various species through an extremely wide latitudinal range (11°–38° S). Many species show restricted distributions which may be attributed to past and present historical and environmental conditions. The number of mangrove species in Australia (33) decreases with increasing latitude with most distributions extending further down the eastern than the western coastline and at the southernmost limit of mangroves in the world — Corner Inlet, Victoria (38°45′ S, 146°30′ E) — only the species Avicennia marina var. australasica remains.