The Eclipsing Cataclysmic Triple System V471 Tau

  • L. Hric
  • K. Petrίk
  • P. Niarchos
  • R. Gális
Conference paper
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 298)


The precataclysmic variable V471 Tau was monitored photoelectrically in U, B, V and R colours since 1994 during 21 nights at the Skalnaté Pleso, Stará Lesná and Kryonerion Observatories. The new times of minima had been derived. They may suggest that the cause of the (O — C) curve may be more complicated than what would correspond to the light-time effect only. The next season 2002/2003 will be crucial for definite confirmation of the behaviour of the (O — C) diagram of V471 Tau.


photometry stars: precataclysmic variables individual: V471 Tauri 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • L. Hric
    • 1
  • K. Petrίk
    • 2
    • 3
  • P. Niarchos
    • 4
  • R. Gális
    • 5
  1. 1.Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of SciencesTatranská LomnicaSlovak Republic
  2. 2.Department of Physics, Faculty of EducationTrnava UniversityTrnavaSlovakia
  3. 3.Observatory and PlanetariumHlohovecSlovak Republic
  4. 4.Department of Astroph., Astron. and Mechanics, Faculty of PhysicsUniversity of AthensGreece
  5. 5.Faculty of SciencesUniversity of P.J. ŠafárikKošiceSlovak Republic

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