Mary, Countess of Rosse (1813–1885) Photographer and Philanthropist

  • Susan M. P. McKenna-Lawlor
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Mary Rosse, née Field, was born on 21 July 1813 at Heaton Hall near Bradford in Yorkshire, the elder daughter of John Wilmer and Anne Field. Her father, a former officer in the ‘Blues’, was a wealthy landowner whose ancestors had, for generations, been ‘Lords of the Manor’. Mary’s mother died shortly after the birth of her sister Delia and, although her father remarried, the upbringing of the two girls was entrusted, as was generally the custom in wealthy families, to their governess (Susan Lawson). Mary, while blossoming to womanhood, was taught by Miss Lawson to value hard work and personal discipline. Also, she encouraged the creative talent of her independently minded pupil and the bond between the pair was one that endured for life.


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