Radiation Conditions in Space

  • Leonty I. Miroshnichenko
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In this Chapter we try to give more extended description of various aspects of the radiation hazard (risk) in space. It was only within the last few years the scientists have developed the models that provide accurate quantitative information on the radiation exposure due to cosmic radiation in the Earth’s environment and deep space. Typical parameters of radiation impact, terms and concepts used in practical cosmonautics (aeronautics) are:
  1. a)

    absorbed dose, absorbed dose rate, quality of radiation, factor of radiation quality, dose equivalent, mean tissue dose equivalent, uniform (non-uniform) radiation exposure, acute radiation exposure, reference radiation exposure, acute dose, chronic dose, effective dose, total dose effect, integral (cumulative) dose, tolerance (permissible) dose, dose limit (maximum permissible dose, MPD), lethal (fatal) dose, linear energy transfer (LET) rate, and dosage units;

  2. b)

    man-made space object (vehicle, device), light-weight and low-cost device, space hardware, performance, reliability, and serviceability of space (on-board) systems; single event effects (SEE), single event upset (SEU) of integral microcircuits, latch-up (hang-up of the electronic systems);

  3. c)

    manned mission, manned space flight, manned spacecraft, extravehicular activity (EAV), radiation protection, mass shielding, and storm shelter; forecast and assessment of radiation risk, prediction a few days ahead, different advance of forecast, and lead time.



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