Particle Acceleration at the Sun

  • Leonty I. Miroshnichenko
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As an introduction to this Chapter we would like to give several relevant comments of Dennis (1996) (quotation):

“With the dispelling of “The Solar Flare Myth”, there is a danger that the following new myth will take its place: “We don’t understand impulsive flares but who cares”. Well, Reames cares. He has gone on record, stating that “The physics of particle acceleration in impulsive flares is no less interesting because the events are not geo-effective” (Eos, 1995). Indeed, understanding particle acceleration is one of the most important problems in plasma physics and astrophysics. It is particularly challenging in impulsive flares because of the rapidity with which such a large number of particles are accelerated so efficiently. One of the great successes of flare observations over the last two cycles has been enormous strides that have been taken in the observations of the impulsive phase in many different energy or wavelength regions. The continued study of impulsive flares, with our new abilities to resolve the high energy processes on relevant physical scales in space, time, and energy, will hopefully dispel this insidious myth before it gets off the ground”.


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