Summary and Conclusions: Problems and Prospects

  • Leonty I. Miroshnichenko
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In the above Chapters the author attempted to summarize a copious data on solar cosmic rays (SCR) and relevant solar, interplanetary and geophysical observations, to demonstrate the importance of solar energetic particles (SEPs) for a number of fundamental astrophysical and geophysical problems. Their applications to the tasks of practical astronautics also have been briefly discussed. One of the main goal of this book was to describe different (sometimes contradictory) approaches to the interpretation of those data and to the simulation of space plasma processes involved, at the contemporary (up-to-dated) level of our understanding of the particle acceleration at the Sun and SEP propagation in the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF). The author apologizes if some results of numerous space researchers were given rather briefly, or were not mentioned at all. Below we concentrate on several unresolved problems in the study of solar cosmic rays, their sources, and related theoretical, observational, and methodological issues.


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