• Rakesh Mohan Bhatt
Part of the Studies in Natural Language and Linguistic Theory book series (SNLT, volume 46)


The account of finite verb movement presented in this book is by no means complete. This study investigated some theoretical and empirical issues in the syntax of finite verb movement to clause-second position, as well as providing a detailed syntactic analysis of an unfamiliar language. A brief résumé of accomplishments of the study is in order. First, it provided an opportunity to examine and ascertain the limitations of the current models of V2 grammar in light of new, typologically different data. Second, it presented a parametric account of V2 and explored its consequences for a general theory of verb movement, mainly in terms of triggers, landing sites, and clause structure. Third, it explored a generalized theory of Case that was able to locate the structural positions where primary grammatical functions (subject, object, etc.) are licensed. And finally, it established a more informed typology of V2 languages in generative grammar.


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