Auto- and Crosscorrelations of Gamma-Ray Burst Time Series

  • David L. Band
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Since gamma-ray burst spectra reflect the energy content and particle distributions within the source’s emitting region, spectral evolution is an important diagnostic of the physics of this region. Golenetskii et al. (1983) reported that the intensity and spectral hardness are correlated, while Norris et al. (1985) found a hard-to-soft trend. Subsequent studies revealed that both trends hold in general: the spectrum does indeed harden during intensity spikes, but there is a hard-to-soft trend during and between spikes (SIGNE—Kargatis et al. 1994; BATSE—Ford et al. 1995). Most of the earlier studies tracked the spectral evolution by fitting models to a sequence of spectra across a burst and comparing the time histories of the intensity and spectral hardness. However, spectra require sufficient counts to be fit well. Consequently, these studies frequently lacked the temporal resolution to characterize properly the spectral evolution.


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