Microlensing: Current Results and Future Prospects

  • Andrew Gould
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 218)


The initial results of microlensing surveys toward the Galactic bulge and the LMC are puzzling. Toward the LMC, the total mass in MACHOs is of order half that required to explain the dark matter, but the estimated MACHO mass (~ 0.4 M) is most consistent with stars that should have been seen. Toward the bulge, the total mass is consistent with that given by dynamical estimates of the bulge mass, but the observed timescales seem to require that a large fraction of the bulge is made of brown dwarfs. I discuss possible experiments to resolve these puzzles. I also discuss several applications of microlensing to non-dark-matter problems including searching for planets and imaging the black hole at the center of a quasar with 10−10 arcsec resolution.


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