Period Search

Comparison of The New and Old Methods
  • Alex Schwarzenberg-Czerny
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Period search can be viewed as attempts to fit data ξ with a model curve ξ|| at consecutive frequencies ω (e.g. Lomb, 1976). The plot of the measure of the fit quality, usually a function of the L 2 vector norm ||ξ — ξ||||2, called the χ2 statistic, against the frequency ω constitutes a periodogram. The norm is associated with the scalar product \(\langle \xi ,\eta \,\rangle = \sum\nolimits_{i = 1}^n {{\mu _i}} {\bar \xi _i}{\eta _i},\) where ||ξ||2 =< ξ,ξ < and are weights. A set of the orthogonal functions ∅(l), l = 1, ... ,d || < n, such that < ∅(l),∅(k) >=δ lk spans the d || dimensional model subspace in the n dimensional space of the observations. It can be demonstrated that the orthogonal projection of the observations ξ onto the model space constitutes the least squares fit in the sense of the χ2 norm and that the residuals ξ ≡ ξ—ξ|| are orthogonal to the model: Hence Pythagoras Theorem holds:


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