Convex Cones in Rn

  • Michael J. Panik
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A cone C in R n is a set of points such that if x C, then so is every nonnegative scalar multiple of x, i.e., if xC, then λxC for 0 ≤ λR, xR n (see Figure 4.1.a for C in R2). If we consider the set of points X = {x}, then the cone generated by X is C = {y|y = λx, 0 ≤ λ R, xX}. And if 0 X and for each y(≠0)C there are unique xX with λ > 0 such that y = λx, then X is termed a base of C. Moreover, the point 0R n is termed the vertex of a cone and is an element of every cone since Y = 0x = 0C. In general, C is “not a subspace” of R n since the definition of C holds only for λ ≥ 0 and not all λ.


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