An Historical Review of Sexual Pathology and Treatment

  • Eric C. Krohne


Some early sexual authorities viewed man’s sexual behavior from a religio-philosophical framework which saw the physical and biological functions of the sex act as being secondary to the spiritual/moral issues involved. “Normal” sexual functioning was that which corresponded to certain religious or spiritual principles; “abnormal” or improper sexual functioning was that which diverted from these rules or traditions. Thus, we have the story of Onan (Genesis 38:8–10), who is reported to have ejaculated improperly, “spilling his seed on the ground” rather than impregnating his brother’s widow as required by Jewish law. Interestingly, Onan’s contemporaries interpreted his behavior as a voluntary contraceptive act — either coitus interruptus or masturbation (Noonan, 1966). The Biblical narrative suggests that this improper and immoral sexual behavior angered the Hebrew god, who took Onan’s life in retribution.


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