Divine Justice

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Man lives in a cosmos, created and ordered by the total godhead, in which every member has a significant place which he must occupy for the welfare of the whole and a special function which he must fulfill. The lives and conduct of mankind and of every member of the cosmos are determined by the commandments of the total godhead. We are primarily concerned here with mankind. It has already been said that for man there was never a place or time without hadat. He has everywhere and always been bound by the divine norms. In every act or event he must ask himself: “Is what I am doing or intend to do in accordance with hadat or not, am I acting according to prescribed order or am I overstepping the bounds set for me?” Hadat rules the whole of life and thought, and all relations between man and the cosmos. It is the guide through life, and only if man constantly orients himself by it does he step surely and go through life as the true man who submits himself obediently to the godhead and carries out its will, and thus receive well-being for himself and for the entire cosmos.


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