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The Sacred Service

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The sacred service is the re-enactment and dramatisation, in minor as well as in major particulars, of the primeval sacred events. All rites, the treatment of a sick person as well as the removal of misfortune, are linked to this re-enactment and find their rationale in it. These rites assume their most perfect and comprehensive form when the whole cosmos is ruined and the creation must be re-enacted not only in part (or individually) but completely. This is the case after the elapse of a world-era, after a grave sin, or after the death of a freeman. We shall choose the mortuary feast (tiwah) for our description of the sacred service among the Dayak, refraining from describing the lesser religious ceremonies by which man, in order to receive new life and well-being, is continually brought into relation with the primeval sacred events.


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