Data Conversion

  • R. P. van Wijk van Brievingh


As discussed in the preceding chapters, the data gathered become available in various forms. In order to apply the calculations necessary for the determination of LVV and derived quantities, as well as for a presentation which is useful to the clinician, processing of these data is required. To this end, hardware and software procedures have to be applied in an efficient combination. After the preprocessed pictural information has been presented to the human operator under optimal ergoenomical circumstances, the contours and axes drawn are to be entered into the computer together with other measurement data and system parameters. In this process, identification and time relationships must be retained. Corresponding data have to be labelled in such a way that organizing them in files in the computer’s memory becomes possible. Furthermore, the judgement and drawing procedures performed by the human operator are time consuming, the price to be paid for an improvement in accuracy. Under these circumstances, the evaluation procedure should be kept as simple as possible.


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