Detection of the Ventricular Contour

  • R. P. van Wijk van Brievingh


For several reasons, the X-ray shadows of the ventricle containing a blood-contrast medium mixture are not fully relevant to the determination of its outline:
  • the mixing of the contrast medium with the blood directly after injection is inhomogeneous;

  • in some pictures cavities containing the mixture and other structures overlap the left ventricle (LV);

  • the mitral valve is not clearly depicted when blood flows from the left atrium into the left ventricle;

  • during the ejection phase, the aortic valve cannot be depicted, as the ventricle and the aorta are both filled with the mixture;

  • at the location of the papillary muscles the concentration of contrast medium is so small, that the “inner” part of the contour of these muscles will be taken for the internal outline of the ventricular cavity if densitometric measurements are made.


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