Fractionized Contrast Medium Injection

  • R. P. van Wijk van Brievingh


Selective angiocardiography of the left ventricle makes use of the injection of a radiopaque medium into the ventricle itself or at a point upstream into the central circulation. TIMM (1947) was the first to opacify the left ventricle and to record the ventricular movement as well as its mixing characteristics by means of roentgencinematography. The technique of catheterization of the heart cavities has been developed to a sophisticated level (PORSTMANN,1962). The injection of contrast medium through catheters has been investigated by OLIN (1963), the intermittent injection technique is described in detail by SCHAD (1967). Several types of electromechanical injectors have become commercially available since. Investigation of the flow characteristics of injection catheters (KROVETZ,1966; BOVE,1968; SUSMAN,1969) has led to the development of flow-controlled injectors.


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