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The action of the heart as a muscular pump cannot be defined completely without knowledge of its change in shape and volume from instant to instant throughout the cardiac cycle. The changes in dimensions of the left ventricle, correlated with its functional changes will provide a more complete understanding of its performance.(SOLOFF,1966). Results, obtained from measurements on isolated myocardial preparations, cannot be extrapolated without reserve to the function of the intact ventricle because of its heterogeneous contractile performance (FISHER,1967; SONNENBLICK,1974). The use of anaesthetized open chest animal preparations for the study of ventricular dimensions is of limited value, as no clear relationship between these measurements and those actually occurring in the awake intact animal and man can be made (HAWTHORNE,1967). Furthering our understanding of myocardial performance depends among others on the assessment of the absolute accuracy of available methods of measuring left ventricular volume throughout the cardiac cycle (DAVILA,1966a).


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