Buffon and the ‚Planches Enluminées‘. The Ornithological Literature in the Last Third of the 18th Century

  • Jean Anker


Although the impulses that emanated from Linnæus became very influential during the course of the 18th century, his views did not gain adherence in all quarters. Another of the famous biologists of the century, the Frenchman Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, who was born in the same year as Linnæus, held quite different views on living Nature and its literary treatment. Both belonged to a period in which naturalists, as well as other intellectual workers enjoyed an increasing social esteem and were amply supported in their activities by the upper classes. This invested scientific work with a halo, the light of which was reflected on its followers and improved their whole social position. Linnæus was raised to the nobility, Buffon was made a count, both receiving many other honours as well as great fame. Rousseau is even said to have kissed the threshold of Buffon’s study.


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