Renal transplantation

  • J. E. Castro


The concept of replacing diseased and worn-out organs is a problem that has fascinated the minds of clinicians, scientists and philosophers for many years. It is exemplified by the chimera of Greek mythology; a monster with a goat’s body, lion’s head and serpent’s tail, which roamed the streets of Lycra. Similarly, the second-century bc reports of cardiac transplantation by Pien Ch’iao and Hua T’o must be regarded as examples of medical mythology; so too the exploits of Cosmos and Damien, who replaced the leg of a devout person with the leg of a Moor, recently dead. These twin Arab brothers were converted to Christianity and subsequently martyred in ad 303. In the tenth century they were canonized by Pope John XVI and later became the patron saints of the barber surgeons.


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