Changes of Oxidation State and Spin State

  • H. G. Drickamer
  • C. W. Frank
Part of the Studies in Chemical Physics book series (SCP)


In Chapter 8 we discussed changes in the spin state of ferrous iron with pressure. In Chapter 9 we treated the reduction of ferric to ferrous iron. We now discuss two types of systems where both processes are occurring. We again use Mössbauer resonance to identify the states present. The analyses of the Mössbauer spectra are considerably more complex for these systems so that the quantitative aspects are less precise than for the system discussed in the previous chapters, and, in some cases, even the identification of some states may be open to question. There are, however, some significant results even on a qualitative scale. First we investigate the state of iron in three iron porphyrin compounds [1], and secondly we analyze the mixed valence compound Prussian Blue (ferric ferrocyanide) in which a high spin ferric ion is coupled to a low spin ferrous ion through a cyanide bridge [2].


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