Washout of red blood cells from kidneys damaged by warm ischaemia

  • J. Foreman
  • M. C. Wusteman
  • D. E. Pegg


It is generally accepted that the vasculature of kidneys to be transplanted should first be cleared of donor blood: this is particularly important, and also more difficult, when there has been a significant period of warm ischaemia1. We have previously shown that the composition of the perfusate affects both the vascular resistance and the completeness of red cell removal from ischaemic rabbit kidneys2. Enquiries have revealed considerable variation in the composition of flush perfusates in clinical use in the United Kingdom at the present time, and the situation is further complicated by the use of common eponyms to describe dissimilar formulations. This study was designed to compare some of the solutions in use today with the WF5PD solution previously described by us2, using rabbit kidneys subjected to 60min of warm ischaemia as the model.


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  • J. Foreman
  • M. C. Wusteman
  • D. E. Pegg

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