The Maltreatment of Children

pp 245-316

Child abuse, neglect and deprivation and the family

A perspective from Canada
  • J. Jacobs

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There are many inequalities into which children are born in this unfairly constituted world — inequalities of rank, of riches, of opportunities, of basic endowment, all of which have been with us for so long a time that they are more or less taken for granted. This means that for some the world is secure, stable and predictable; they are born with acceptance, concern and care; they are planned for, hoped for and welcomed. For others, life is short, sharp and brutish. They have parents who hate them from conception, reject them from birth, batter them as infants, neglect them as toddlers, and institutionalize them or have them fostered at the drop of a hat. A seemingly indulgent family from a superior household may camouflage as many cruelties and crudities as an over-crowded tenement basement1.