Working Group on Future Large Scale Facilities in Astronomy

  • H. R. Butcher
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The idea for a Working Group (WG) on “Future Large Scale Facilities in Astronomy” grew from a discussion held on 20 August, 1994, during the IAU General Assembly in The Hague. The IAU Executive Committee approved its formation in August, 1995, and its composition in October, 1995. The WG will remain active at least until the XXIIIrd General Assembly in Kyoto in 1997. Members are: H. Butcher (Chairman), R. Ekers, B. Fort, N. Kardashev, M. Longair, F. Pacini, L. Rodriguez, G. Swarup, Y. Tanaka, H. Tananbaun, and L. Woltjer (ex officio). The WG carries out its work mostly by email and FAX.


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