Division 1: Fundamental Astronomy (Astronomie Fondamentale) Report 1993–1996

  • J. Kovalevsky
Part of the International Council of Scientific Unions / International Astronomical Union / Union Astronomique Internationale book series (IAUT, volume 23A)


The two years that elapsed since the establishment of Division 1 have been characterised by a large variety of tasks of common interest to the five Commissions forming the Division. This is shown in particular by the activity of the Working Groups on Astronomical Standards (Chairman, T. Fukushima) and on Reference Frames (Chairman, L.V. Morrison) which include members from the five Commisions and were actually Division 1 Working Groups. This is also reflected by the very close relationship that prevailed between Commissions 8 and 24. They actually are preparing an eventual merging between the two commissions by proposing that both commissions have the same Vice-President for the next term (E. Schilbach). Last, but not least, three of the Joint discussions accepted for the Kyoto General Assembly are sponsored by the whole Division, one of its Commissions being the proposer. However, these common actions are only a small fraction of the activity of each Commission as described in their reports.


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