Imaging Abdominal Sepsis

  • D. P. Clarke
  • J. R. Buscombe
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Infection within the abdomen is a common clinical problem affecting both patients in the community and in hospital. Infections may vary from mild self limiting gastro-enteritis to multiple life threatening opportunistic infections in the immunocompromised. When diffuse organ system involvement with infection is present there is often a clinical, biochemical or serological indicatorof the underlying source of the infection, for example jaundice and deranged liver function tests in acute hepatitis. Whilst US and CT will show changes compatible with active inflammation and exclude co-existant problems such as gallstones, they have little to add to further management. Similarly simple infections of the genitourinary and gastro-interstinal tracts are usually diagnosed by clinical and routine bacteriological means, imaging and endoscopy being reserved for difficult cases.


Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Pseudomembranous Colitis Hepatic Abscess Pyogenic Liver Abscess Pyogenic Abscess 
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