Bone and Soft Tissue

  • Wolfgang Becker
Part of the Developments in Nuclear Medicine book series (DNUM, volume 31)


Acute osteomyelitis is clinically suspected in patients with fever, pain, swelling[tumor] and redness as well as warmth, leukocytosis and increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate. The clinical diagnosis of acute osteomyelitis in certain anatomical areas [spine, thigh] with a thick soft tissue surrounding and the diagnosis of chronic osteomyelitits may be difficult. Anyway the early diagnosis and specific diagnosis in posttraumatic patients and diabetic foot patients is essential for a good recovery of the patient without any general or local complication. The clinical problem [i.e. postoperatively] is the differentiation of a normal postoperative irritation or a beginning infection or an infected hematoma. In all these conditions is a need for an infect specific method to help the clinican to answer his questions i.e. - antibiotics: yes or no or operation yes or no.


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