Pharmacological intervention to decrease ischemia-reperfusion injury

  • J. M. Grinyó
Part of the Transplantation and Clinical Immunology book series (TRAC, volume 30)


The impairment of organ function derived from ischemia-reperfusion injury is still an important problem in solid-organ transplantation. Cell alterations induced by ischemia prime the tissue for the subsequent damage that occurs during the reperfusion phase. Paradoxically, re-establishing blood flow to ischemic tissues may cause greater injury than that induced during the ischemic period. Ischemia-reperfusion injury is a complex sequence of events that mainly involves the vascular endothelium in the microcirculation and neutrophils. Interruption of blood supply and lack of oxygen during ischemia lead to anaerobic metabolism that entails a depletion of adenosine 5 -triphosphate (ATP) [1–3]. Depletion of these nucleotides alters the membrane ionic ATP-dependent pumps which favors the entry of calcium, sodium and water into the cell [4–6]. The catabolism of adenine nucleotides results in an accumulation of hypoxanthine within ischemic cells [7]. Also, ischemia is associated with the proteolytic conversion of xanthine/hypoxanthine dehydrogenase to xanthine/hypoxanthine oxidase [8].


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