From Experience to Judgment in the Aftermath of Postmodern Critique

  • Calvin O. Schrag
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 53)


The story about the tracking of experience on the way to judgment is intrinsically complex. And this is the case because of a variegated emplotment of changing scenarios and a complementing variety in its cast of characters. In accepting the invitation to address the general topic, we offered to provide’ only a segment/chapter of the wider story — namely a travelogue on the road from experience to judgment in the aftermath of postmodern critique. But even a telling of this segment/chapter of the wider story places upon the narrator some quite extraordinary demands. It involves at least three distinct, if not separable, plots or accounts — namely, modernity’s take on the issues; the postmodern response; and recommendations of what is to be done in the aftermath. At the most what we will be able to do — given limitations of allotted time and personal energy — is to isolate some of the pivotal themes and emergent aporias.


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