Cooperative Studies between IKI and SwRI for the Interball Project

  • O. L. Vaisberg
  • J. H. WaiteJr.
Part of the NATO Science Series book series (ASIC, volume 537)


The cooperation of Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) and the Space Research Institute (IKI) on the Interball Project included a joint calibration of the fast ion spectrometer SCA-1 intended for the Interball Tail spacecraft. After the spacecraft launch, the two groups selected several topics for study using the high-resolution ion data. The first area of joint analysis of the two groups was the fine structure of the low-latitude boundary layer (LLBL). We demonstrated that magnetosheath-like plasma could impulsively penetrate the LLBL and subsequently dissipate in the magnetosphere. Recent topics of joint analysis include coordinated observations of dayside magnetopause phenomena with the Interball Tail and cusp phenomena observed by Polar, high-latitude reconnection for northward IMF, and analysis of HFAs. A progress report on these topics is given in this review and in some accompanying papers.


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