Purchased Kidney

  • Eli A. Friedman
Part of the Legal and Ethical Concerns in Medicine book series (LECM, volume 1)


Reflecting on the long wait for a cadaver donor kidney in the United States, a 53 year old state assembly representative with irreversible renal failure due to membranous glomerulonephritis agreed to a contract with a “kidney broker” in India. For a set fee of $11,000, the broker guarantees that within one week he will deliver an HLA (human leukocyte antigen) matched kidney from a young, healthy donor. The agreed upon fee will cover the cost of the kidney, all physician’s charges as well as the total cost of hospitalization and surgical after care. Eager to pursue this opportunity for a new life, the patient requests that his nephrologist prepare a summary of his past course for submission to the broker. Additionally, the patient announces his intent to resume management under the supervision of his local nephrologist upon his return from India in about three weeks post-transplant. Stating her unwillingness to participate in an “illegal” operation, the nephrologist declines to prepare the summary or accept the patient upon his return.


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