Finite Element Treatment of Thermoelastic Wear Problems

  • N. Strömberg
Conference paper
Part of the Solid Mechanics and its Applications book series (SMIA, volume 72)


This proceeding concerns the numerical treatment of thermoelastic wear problems. The essential ideas of the numerical approach developed in papers by Christensen, Johansson, Klarbring, Pang and Strömberg see Strömberg, 1997a) are described by presenting a finite element method for three-dimensional thermoelastic wear problems; the governing equations of a thermoelastic body subjected to contact, friction and wear are written, using the approach of projections, as a quasi-augmented Lagrangian formulation which in turn is solved using the Newton method of Pang (1990).


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  • N. Strömberg
    • 1
  1. 1.Division of Mechanics Department of Mechanical EngineeringLinköping Institute of TechnologyLinköpingSweden

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