Tenth E.C. Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference

pp 1244-1247

Determination of Optimum Tilt Angle of Panels in Large Scale Photovoltaic Arrays

  • A. IlicetoAffiliated withENEL-DSR-CREL
  • , A. PreviAffiliated withENEL-DSR-CREL
  • , G. ChimentoAffiliated withZona industriale Casella postale, CONPHOEBUS Scrl
  • , S. GuastellaAffiliated withZona industriale Casella postale, CONPHOEBUS Scrl

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To determine the optimum tilt angle of panels in large scale flat-plate photovoltaic arrays both theoretical and experimental activities have been carried out. A theoretical method to determine the solar radiation collected by PV arrays which considers meteorological data, module glass reflectivity and array type (single or multiple rows) was used. This method has been implemented as compared with others in order to consider the accumulation of atmospheric pollution on panels. An experimental activity consisting of measurements of glass reflectivity and atmospheric pollution accumulation on pariels have been carried out in Conphoebus test facilities. One year data of continuous operation of 4 flat-plate arrays, south-facing and differently tilted, in ENEL’s PV test field at Adrano have been used to analyze the accuracy of the method. Using this method the determination of solar radiation collected by a large scale PV array sited in Southern Italy has been made and relevant indications according to the optimal tilt angle of the array have been given.